Skype Beta

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Skype Beta
Skype Beta

Skype Beta unlocks a number of experimental features for users of the popular communication platform. In simple terms, the Beta allows users to access features not found in the stable release of the program. New communication features, modified design elements, and other changes can be found in beta releases. Not all of these changes are guaranteed to make it to the public program, though. Still, many users enjoy seeing where Skype is headed and what new features could potentially be on the horizon.

What Should Users Expect From Skype Beta?

For the most part, Skype Beta looks and runs like the stable release program. Most beta releases don't include major design changes or crazy new features. Users shouldn't expect to boot the software and see something completely new every time. However, they can expect to see subtle changes to the UI on a regular basis and new features. If the developers want to test new emoji or new video chat features, then the beta is updated.

The beta allows the developers to test new features without releasing them to the public. Testing such features and tweaks on a smaller audience allows for better results. For instance, bugs and glitches can be weeded out before a release to the stable version of Skype. Many changes in the beta won't touch the stable program, but wildly successful ones may find their way into Skype at a later date.

Otherwise, Skype Beta runs in a similar manner to the main program. Users can chat with each other through text, audio, and video. Skype offers high-definition voice and video chatting without a complicated interface. Individual users add friends and can communicate with them in seconds. Plus, integration with mobile devices and even Facebook is available to users. Paid premium features are available as well.

Where Does Skype Beta (and Skype In General) Fall Short?

Unfortunately, Skype Beta doesn't receive constant updates like other beta programs. Users won't experience major changes on a regular basis. The overwhelming majority of beta features never make it into the main Skype program, which is a shame. Since we're talking about a beta here, Skype Beta is prone to glitches and crashes. Experimental features make the program a little unstable, an unfortunate consequence of all betas.

Skype itself requires a strong connection in order to run without a hitch. The program is known for being resource heavy on a machine's hardware. Therefore, not everyone will have a smooth experience while using Skype. It doesn't help that Skype lacks certain bells and whistles found in other messaging platforms, either. Skype is an excellent communication solution, but Skype Beta may leave users wanting for more.

Nonetheless, active Skype users may want to consider downloading Skype Beta today. The program offers a few features and advantages over the traditional Skype program.


  • Users can test new features on the Skype platform.
  • Excellent audio and video call quality.


  • Beta programs are prone to crashing and glitches.
  • Perhaps Skype Beta doesn't offer enough to avid users.
  • Strong connection and hardware required for smooth experience.

Skype Beta is a new version of a VoIP app that allows people to instant message and video chat with other people from around the world. The newest version has great new features that make this program popular for communicating with others online. Since the software is still in beta, it could still be plagued with bugs and is not it its final form.

The program installs easily to your computer by following the on-screen prompts that show up when you start the download. Once the download is complete, you will be able to talk to other people who have Skype. You will need to log into your Skype account or make a new one if this is your first time using any Skype software. Your contact list will show up in the new version once you log in. It is still easy to add and remove people from your contacts on Skype Beta.

The new version of Skype Beta has better Facebook integration that helps you keep up with your news feed even more than the previous version. With the old version, you would have to create a Skype account and then log in with your Facebook account to view your news feed. All you need to do now is just log in using your Facebook account, making it easier to get started with Skype.

Another new feature with the newest version of Skype is that now you can do more than just check what your friends are up to on Facebook. Now, instead of just being able to view the posts, you can also comment and like the posts as well. Skype Beta also allows you to use Facebook chat from the Skype program so that you don't need to log in on a web browser to talk to your friends on Facebook.

Skype Beta also allows you to see some details about your Facebook friends, but you cannot check their entire profile from the software. This newest version can also read the phone number that was saved in your friends' profiles so that you can call them on Skype instantly without needing to enter the number yourself.

The new Skype Beta also has improved controls for calls, making them larger and easier to use. The beta version of Skype uses a lot of your computers resources and is very unstable. The program also allows users to log in with a Microsoft ID and allows them to send messages to friends using Xbox, Hotmail, and Windows messenger.

The new Skype Beta software allows friends to connect even easier than before. With this new software, you can now communicate with others using a variety of options.


  • Better call controls
  • Increased Facebook integration
  • Quicker setup using Facebook
  • Can like and comment on Facebook posts


  • Uses a lot of system resources
  • Unstable during video calls
  • Cannot view entire Facebook profile

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